Treason, Crimes against Humanity and GENOCIDE. This is the legacy of The Obama administration

Treason, Crimes against Humanity and GENOCIDE.

This is the legacy of

The Obama administration. Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric holder and Hillary Clinton’s state department.

Ran guns to Mexico.

Supplied the Muslim Brotherhood with Cash and weapons in Egypt, Libya, Syria and many other nations.

As they mercilessly Slaughtered Christians.

Gave Iran nuclear capabilities and a cargo plane filled with Cash.

Released enemy combatants from American military custody.

Only for them to return to the Battlefield and continue their war efforts against America.

Allowed over 14 million illegal immigrants to invade America. encouraged them by giving them Cash, housing, medical insurance and food stamps. While True Americans who are in desperate need of these entitlements are denied those benefits and are in many cases penalised for seeking Alternative ways to make ends meet.

It’s being proven that these Traitors have sold American uranium to the Russians.

Have Flooded America with opiates and other unnecessary drugs.

Until it has reached epidemic levels.

While using ASFA

(America’s safe families act) introduced by Bill Clinton to Remove all Parental Rights.

and allows the corrupt juvenile judge’s and Bonus seeking Money hungry Cps Workers to Remove Children from their families and homes without consequence.

While politicians on both sides of the aisle sat by and watched these crimes being committed. or were participating in the Crimes.

It’s time for true Americans to demand that these people be held accountable for their crimes.

And replace All current government’s in the United States of America with Common sense Citizens.

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