This is how All West and Europe should be!!! All races, all backgrounds together against Jihad.

This is how All Canada and Europe should be!!! All races, all backgrounds together against Jihad -free the West !!!

I love to see other people wake up, Jihadists , get out of our land , you don’t belong in the West.I truly can’t understand why the European and western governments are trying so hard to destroy what so many people died to build these free Nations by letting all these Jihadists into the countries of Europe .

Germany is for Germans , England is for the English , France is for the French and west for sure belongs for Judeo – Christianity, its not our fault all these African countries and Asian countries can’t get their Problems together ,send all of them back don’t let any stay and lock the door behind them.

Every day thousands of Muslim intellectuals are leaving Islam. They find I-S-L-A-M inconsistent with science, logics, human rights and ethics. Millions of Iranians already have left Islam. The enlightened Muslims of other nationalities are not far behind approx16000 Muslims leave islam a day in Africa This is the beginning of a mass exodus from Islam. It is a movement that is already in motion and nothing can stop it. Millions more Muslims are trapped in Islam and would leave if it wasn’t for the fear of doing so and the repercussions on their families if they did. Islam is not the fastest growing religion ,it is the fastest growing ideology prison camp in the world and millions of Muslims are seeking ways of escaping it. FOR FREEDOM !

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