The rise of militant Islam Terrifies me .

The rise of militant Islam terrifies me . We have and the whole world have to be careful about American sympathizers of Jihad and the rest of westerns who are in sympathy with Jihadists. “Jihadists are in different types , there are Jihadists who are honest to confess about their intentions and there are Jihadists like CAiR ( Muslim Brotherhood ) who deceive with Taqyia , all of them intend to change civilization, and they are prepared to take a hundred years to do it.

the Jihadists are targeting the US and the west in general and they will continue to do so as long as Jihadi indoctrination is ongoing. America and the west were penetrated by a network of determined Jihadists and of expanding Salafi and Khomeinist militants. The free world witnessed many terror attempts and several bloody strikes ,Wave after wave, especially between 2010 and 2017, militant news sites and some mainstream media coined patriots as Islamophobic.” Only to be exposed by facts and by a majority of people of Middle Eastern descent wither Christians or ex Muslims or secular people and they are many who reside in the west and Europe, all of them rising against all Jihadists. It takes time, but time is what it takes to dissipate the propaganda myths perpetuated by apologists and radicals.

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