Obama vs Trump,Obama worst POTUS ever. Trump best first POTUS year ever.

Obama VS Trump. Just for starters.

Obama worst POTUS ever. Trump best first POTUS year ever.

1. Obama worst ever economic growth

over 8 years. Never once = even 3%. Avg 1.7%.

2. Obama gutted US military, endangering world. Trump rebuilding it.

3. Obama record poverty. Trump=record low black and Hispanic unemployment

4. Obama doubled all previous US Federal debt. Trump January 2018 showed surplus.

5. Obama failed to defeat Isis in 8 years. Took Trump 3 weeks.

6. Obama’s UN abstention on way out door defining much of Israel as illegally occupied territory, rated “most Anti Semititc act in the world in 2016”. + demanding Israel withdraw to “auschwitz” lines of 47, while trump is rock star in Israel, and declared Jerusalem the capital in eyes on USA.

7. Obama record # of regulations that kill business, Trump record pace of reducing business killing regulations.

8. Obama had highest corporate tax rate in world. Trump successfully had it lowered to 21%.

9. Obama’s buddied up to worst tyrants in history: Chavez, Castro, Mullahs of Iran. Did nothing to slow 500,000 dead in Syria. Promised Russia he’s be very flexible with them and poo pooed Romney’s 2012 concern about Russian danger. Did nothing to impede China, Russian North Korean aggression.

10. Obama became world’s greatest financer of Islamic terror, giving $150 billion to Iran.

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