Obama is the Worst president ever in US history, Ask a Democrat!

Ask a Democrat


1. Left USA with record poverty

2. doubled all previous debt of 43 prior presidents from $9 trillion to $20 trillion

3. Had the worst ever economic pathetic growth over 8 years, never once even hitting 3% growth

4. Sold Obamacare sold on lies he repeated 20x “keep your doctor, keep your plan, it would save families money” ALL LIES

5. Helped all USA enemies and adversaries flourished ( Iran, Al Quida, Isis, N Korea, China, Russia)

6. Coddled dictators (Cuba, Venezuela)

7. gutted our military to lowest levels in 80 years

8. Directed IRS to abuse pro-Israel and conservative groups for which IRS has now apologized

9. Corrupted Justice Dept. (Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton)

10. Israel backstabbed repeatedly

11. Orchestrated race riots erupt regularly by meeting with Al Sharpton 100x+ in White House

12. Killing of police escalate

13. Massive illegal immigration increase

14. Record anti-Semitism on college campuses from Obama’s Muslims

15. record business killing regulations

16. Iran strengthens terrorist efforts to $150 billion Obamadollars.

17. Blacks suffered in every category under Obama.

18. Obama dismisses Romney’s concerns about Russia, Obama tells Medvedev he’ll be “more flexible”. Obama does nothing as Russia invades Ukraine and helps Iran in Syria.

19. Let’s Russia back in to meddle in middle east after 70 years of president’s kept them out

20. Knew about Russian meddling in election during 2016 campaign and did nothing

21. Lied about Benghazi, claiming it was caused by a video, rather than the truth it was an organized Al Quida effort

22. Worst labor participation rate in 50 years

23. Food stamps doubled

24. Further do you deny every slave in US was ownded by democrats? Every KKK member was a democrat? Every constitutional amendment to equalize blacks was opposed only by democrats? That planned parenthood was started by Margrot Sanger in order to kill black babies? That 50 years of democrats controlling inner cities have led to sixth generations of welfare dependency among many inner city blacks?

Worst president ever in US history

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