HAMAS and left wing media Targeted Ivanka Trump,a Jewish woman. The left wing media which related to HAMAS Claiming Jews delight or profit in the deaths of anyone is antisemitism and has led the persecution and deaths of Jews in the past.

Background on Hamas:

Hamas is a terrorist group that rules Gaza.

Hamas is funded and backed by Iran, the worlds largest sponsor of terrorism.

Iran also funds Hezbollah.

Hamas has a credo that calls for “death to Israel.”

Hamas believes there is no room for Israel, and behaves accordingly.

They have launched thousands of deadly rockets into Israel.

The Riots:

There were Hamas initiated wars from Gaza in 2006, 2008-9, 2012, 2014 when the US Embassy was in Tel Aviv. To say there is a link to the embassy being moved to Jerusalem is a pure lie. Hamas pre-planned these riots to coincide with the “Nakba” which is May 14, Israel’s independence.

Hamas ordered the Palestinians of Gaza to storm the fence in an attempt to breach it.

They have been doing this for weeks.

Israel cannot allow this. The fence currently serves as a border and cannot be breached.

Israel, like any country, needs to defend its citizens.

Those who participated in the riots burned thousands of tires to create a smoke screen so that they could work to cut the fence.

Many rioters (not all but many) used Molotov cocktails, rocks on sling shots, and kites carrying fire during the riots.

It is tragic that children are being told by Hamas to go into the line of fire. Using human shields like this is a crime against humanity and violates international law.

Hamas uses the death of children as propaganda against Israel.

Tragically but not surprisingly, there are deaths.

Hamas should be investing in state building. They are not. Instead, they build terror tunnels into Israel in the hopes of killing and/or kidnapping Israelis from their homes.

Note that the beaches in Gaza are the very same beaches/coast line of Tel Aviv– Gaza could be great. However, Hamas is destroying it.

Consider the following:

Some are trying to imply that the riots are peaceful marches and protests. They are not. Peaceful protests do not include bombing a fence to try and break it, and openly chanting about murdering Jews.

Maps of the nearest Jewish homes were given out by Hamas so that if they breached the fence, they know where to go to kill actual Jewish people.

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