For all fake feminists who claim that hijab means empowerment, Then check Iran .

For all fake feminists who claim that hijab means empowerment, here is a woman from Iran who took off her hijab to empower herself and other women facing one of the most brutal regimes on earth. Taking off the hijab in Iran is considered to be a crime!

For Barbie-Producer Matell who has chosen a hijab woman as an icon, here is a real icon of freedom!

For Time Magazine which has chosen a Saudi girl as one of the most influential women on earth just because she convinced Apple to introduce a hijab-emoji, here is a real woman with real influence!

For Glamour Magazine which has chosen Linda Sarsour as Woman of the year although she defends Sharia Law, here is a real feminist who defies Sharia Law. Here is a real woman of the century!

More than a 100 years after Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg, the German authorities were segregating men and women in swimming pools and were making safe zone areas for women during the New Year Celebrations, while this brave woman was standing in the middle of men facing the tanks of Regime of the Islamic Republic!

This brave woman is not only a feminist but also a humanist who stands up for the freedom of a whole nation. Who is standing up for her?

For all women in the Islamic World and in the West, this is how freedom of women can be achieved: By standing up for yourself and by saying no, not by accepting and defending a system made by men for men!

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