Crimes of Terrrorist Palestinians toward Arab speaking countries and each country hosted them

Crimes of Terrrorist Palestinians toward Arab speaking countries and each country hosted them …..

Since their failed attempt in 1948 to steal the land of the Jews by the Palestinians , the Palestinians went to Arab-speaking countries to live and they brought destruction everywhere and ruined those countries under the pretext of a lie called “steadfastness and resistance”. It is true that the Palestinians are empty drug owners and arms campaigners against the Arab peoples. They have been killed more than Arabs more any others , but with the oppressive dictatorships in every country that hosted them. They have become a group of militias fighting for those who live with them and those who give them food , Palestinians became mercenaries, especially in the 1970s.

1)The crimes of the Palestinians against the people of Kuwait in 1991

The crimes of the Palestinians in Iraq and Kuwait Despite the large number of communities in Kuwait, we found only the Palestinian who cooperated with the bloody occupation of Kuwait can not be divided by an individual behavior, but is a collective behavior reflects the nature of Palestinian terrorist people. The expulsion of the Palestinian Kuwaitis because they cooperated with the Saddam occupation forces and guided the Iraqis to the places of the Kuwaiti military leaders to the homes of each person since it’s a tiny country and Palestinians lived there … They received weapons from the Iraqis and wreaked havoc in the area of ​​Houli as the area of ​​the Palestinians for their presence in the densely populated and received vital places in Kuwait such as associations and places of bread, They wrote slogans in which mocked Kuwaitis such as a Kuwaiti maid, military checkpoints, and the killing of some of the insurgents. When Iraqis wanted to infer an address in Kuwait, they used the Palestinians Because they know the region and who lived there.

2)The crimes of the Palestinians against the people of Iraq in 2003

All the mercenaries of the Baathist regime who wrote the secret reports against the Iraqis were Palestinians. The reports they wrote were the price of their survival in Iraqi universities more than the students of the original countries. Many Iraqis were executed because of those who do not have a homeland and wanted to transfer their hatred and destruction to all the Arab countries. They poured out their anger at all the peoples they had taken refuge in after the execution of Saddam and by the end of the Baath Party, which the Iraqis expelled and did not accept, and rejected all American projects for settling them in Iraq.

3)The crimes of the Palestinians against the people of Jordan

After the agreement of the seven terms in 1968 between King Hussein and the Palestinian organizations. The terms were in the interest of the Palestinians “as a people living inside Jordan.” But as usual, bloodthirsty and non grateful Palestinians and their terrrorist organizations are only a few days after the agreement held until the Palestinian militias began attacking security men and the army Without any justification. More than 500 clashes took place between the Palestinian organizations and the Jordanian army between 1968 and 1969. They also attacked the State of Israel without coordination with the Jordanian army, which ignited the border between Jordan and Israel and caused a lot of harm to the inhabitants of the villages along side the borders and They aimed to attack Israel with the aim of liberating as what they call their “land” but for another purpose which is to strike stability in Jordan so that in the shadow of chaos they can overthrow the king with military support!also To establish a temporary state “temporary, perhaps a thousand years!” … On February 11, street fighting between Jordanian security forces and Palestinian terrorist organizations in Amman killed 300 people. In an attempt to prevent the spiral of violence from taking control, Hussein bin Talal initiated the declaration saying: “We are all Fedayeen,” and the interior minister was relieved of his position , with allegations that he was aggressive toward the Palestinians. But the nature of the Palestinians always bite the hand that helps them.

Their response was that the Palestinian organizations set up parallel systems to issue the visas !! And points of customs and checkpoints in the cities and airports of Jordan, which led to more tension in the community .. The result was killing of many Palestinians because they are the cause of the violence , terrroism and they went with their dirty organizations to Lebanon to take them as well. Jordanians were relieved by what the Jordanian army called the “Black September” in 1969.

4)The crimes of the Palestinians against the people of Lebanon

After the Cairo agreement of November 1969 to organize the armed Palestinian presence in Lebanon. This agreement gave legitimacy to the existence and work of Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon. Lebanon recognized the military and political presence of the Palestine Liberation Organization (originally made up of Russian intelligence agencies and spies ) also allowed Palestinian terror activities from Lebanese territories . This agreement protected the Palestinians from attempts to disarm themselves . This agreement did not have a concrete role on the ground to improve the relations between the Lebanese and Palestinian leadership. The State of Israel considered the Cairo Agreement to be a violation of the truce between Lebanon and Israel in 1949.

After defeat of the attempted coup, the events of the Black September and the killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians in Jordan in 1970, the Palestinian terrorist organizations were deported to Lebanon and there were many clashes between Christians and Palestinian Muslims in the areas of Tal al-Zaatar and al-Kahala. The Palestinians also carried out many acts of sabotage against Israel, making the world consider Lebanon a hotbed of terrorists.

*Civil war in Lebanon was because of the Palestinians!

The real spark of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war on April 13, 1975, when unknown persons attempted to assassinate Pierre Gemayel. Gemayel survived the attempted assassination, killing four of them, including two bodyguards. The Phalangist militia responded to this by attacking a bus carrying members of the so-called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command to Tal al-Zaatar camp passing through Ain al-Rummaneh. The ambush, which was set up by Phalangist militias, killed 27 Palestinians. The incident was called the Bosta incident and was the spark to start fighting and civil war throughout Lebanon.

*Operation Litani

On March 14, 1978, Israel established a 10-kilometer security zone to protect its north from attacks by Palestinian terrorist organizations and to defend the population of southern Lebanon from Palestinian violence. The Security Council condemned this operation and issued Resolution 425, which called on Israel to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Lebanon. Israel ignored this decision, because there was no international pressure on Lebanon to stop the Palestinians from killing, displacing, terrorizing and abusing the people of southern Lebanon and the northern Israeli population.

The Palestinians were very much involved in the lives of people, and as in Jordan they were smug and scattered everywhere. They were heavily armed. The people called them the Kalashnikovs. They had anti-aircraft guns. The Liberation organization had huge sums of money from the Gulf. The fighters went to the market, Anti-aircraft. To the point that the distance from Naqoura to Beirut passes through fourteen Palestinians and two Lebanese groups associated with the Palestinians. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Lebanon was effectively divided into areas of military influence between the Syrians and the Palestinians. There was an ongoing conflict between the Lebanese left, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Progressive Socialist Party, the Lebanese Christians, the Phalangist Party and the State of Israel.

The Palestinians were expelled from Iraq in 2003 and expelled from Kuwait in 1991 and expelled from Jordan, 1967, Lebanon 1982 and Egypt in 1979 after the assassination of Youssef Sibai and the hijacking of the Egyptian plane and Israel in 1948 after their continued attempt to expel the Jewish owners

Why do the Palestinians, in particular, be excluded from other peoples from the country in which they lived or live?

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