Christians under attack in Pakistan, A message to Ambassador Chaudhry (for US) or Dear High Commissioner Khan (for Canada).

For too many Christians, Christmas marks the season of attacks on churches around the world.

Sadly, today a suicide bomber attacked a methodist church in Pakistan. Our contacts on the ground informed us the Church had been receiving threatening messages for quite some time. But the Pakistani government did nothing to protect them, and they fear they will continue to do nothing to prevent it from happening again.

Governments in Pakistan and around the world must do more to protect minority Christian populations.

Dear Ambassador Chaudhry (for US) or Dear High Commissioner Khan (for Canada),

Christians in Pakistan are vulnerable to attacks this Christmas season. Sadly, a methodist church in Quetta was bombed by a suicide bomber killing at least eight people.

Christians need your government to act and protect them this Christmas season. More most be done to prevent future attacks.

One Free World International and I are giving a voice to the voices whose calls for help go unheard by your government.

We pray for the victims of the attack in Quette and call on your government to do more.

Please let me know what you will do to stop this cycle of violence against Christians in your country.


Rami Dabbas

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