Anti-Zionism is the contemporary face of anti semitism .

Anti-Zionism is the contemporary face of anti-Jews that has always manifested itself in different times and places in human history under different faces.

Zionism is just a national movement that calls for the right of the Jewish people to have their own national homeland like any other people, but what distinguishes Zionism from the rest of nationalist movements is that it is not a fascist movement that excludes other minorities withn its society, but it has proved from the reality of The modern State of Israel to be a democratic movement that seeks to integrate all other minorities into its society, and perhaps it is because Jews, as a people group, have always been a persecuted minority in all the societies they have lived within for the last 3000 years, which made them more sensitive about the importance of integrating other minorities into their Israeli society when they became a majority. That is why, we see that the minorities in Israel, including Arabs, have all legal and democratic political rights such as the Jewish majority.

On the other hand, we notice that many nationalist movements in other nations produced, throughout history, many religious and nationalist fascist ideologies and regimes to achieve their expansionist and colonial goals, and some of them camouflaged their real intentions beneath slogans of Jews extermination and used conspiracy theories to justify hijacking the freedoms of their people and then justify their aggression against other nations. Such as Arabs during the rise of Islam, Spaniards in the Middle ages, Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany, Ottoman Turkey, Khomeini Iran, and lastly modern Arab nationalism and its puppet The Palestinian movements.

However, history teaches us that as soon as these fascists finished from the extermination and persecution of Jews, under different pretexts and excuses, they moved to exterminate and persecute every free voice in their societies and beyond. Therefore, anti-Jews has always been an early indicator in any society, to measure hostility against minorities, and to observe the hijacking of human rights and freedoms based on people identities and political opinions.

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